Test and Balance

Air Balancing Services

All HVAC systems must undergo air balancing to ensure proper equipment performance and healthy ventilation are present in an enclosed building. Even the most efficiently designed and expertly built HVAC system cannot operate at optimal levels without proper air balancing. At Airbender, we perform air balancing to achieve something called, Total System Balance.
Testing and balancing your HVAC system is the only reliable way to ensure your systems are performing as the design team intended. Airbender provides certified air test and balance services, that help clients achieve total system balance (TSB) at their facilities.
Testing and balancing of an HVAC system is one of the final fine-tuning steps toward ensuring that your designed system is running at peak performance. HVAC testing and balancing is typically a fraction of the total cost of the system, but is highly reflected more on the operational costs of a system.
As an independent test and balance service provider, Airbender can provide you with unbiased analysis and a certified written record of system performance. In addition, we cover the testing, adjusting, and balancing of each component to make sure each system achieves its designed performance objectives.

The Objectives of Air Test & Balancing

  1. Maximize Comfort

A properly balanced HVAC system within a building improves the comfort and productivity levels of its occupants.

When building occupants are comfortable, there is less of a likelihood that they will need to constantly adjust the thermostats. This saves on overall energy costs and boosts energy efficiency.

  1. Ventilation

In commercial buildings, testing and balancing ensures that the proper amount of ventilation air enters and exits the space. Too much fresh air may result in other adverse conditions to the artificial environment, such as humidity and mold growth. Insufficient fresh air may result in high levels of carbon dioxide and spread of diseases within the space.

  1. Disease Control

In hospitals, testing and balancing ensures that contaminated air is kept where it needs to be, while clean fresh air is delivered to the proper locations.

  1. Manufacturing Processes

For certain manufacturing processes, the environmental conditions must be kept within certain parameters in order to keep production at its highest.

  1. Existing Office Buildings

Existing facilities can benefit from periodic rebalancing, especially if there are changes to internal loads or space configurations.

  1. Compliance with Building Codes

The importance of test and balance has been recognized and incorporated into most building codes throughout the United States.

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