About Airbender

About Airbender

Reliable. Reasonable. Sustainable Solutions


Airbender Advanced Airflow Solutions is a complete service provider for all commercial kitchen ventilation system repair needs. Our focus is on optimizing the performance of each system while applying long-term solutions that give customers confidence that the equipment will function properly.  We do not guess or take a one-size fits all approach, while maintaining pride in doing the job correctly the first time. Airbender delivers high quality services with added value. 


Exposure to Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems came from working directly with owners, chefs, CKVS equipment manufacturers and construction trades during the installation phase of projects or aftermarket service. The following two things were commonly observed:


     1.) End-user perception of service representatives as ‘typical, sell-all service-guys’

     2.) Due to limited options, customers usually contacted HVAC service companies with insufficient knowledge of Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems and the correlation with mechanical equipment, performance and total air flow. The overwhelming need for skilled service providers that understands the intricacies of such critical systems was obvious. Airbender was established to bring exactly that to an underserved market. 


Utilizing advanced knowledge of CKVS, HVAC and Air Flow dynamics, we thoroughly diagnose and implement the best solutions for difficult air flow and equipment performance problems. 


 Airbender is committed daily to providing reliable and sustainable solutions. We dig a little deeper getting to the root cause of issues, so systems are nurtured back to useful life with purpose. 



Our Primary Objectives: 


Optimized Equipment Performance 


Reduced Risk of Critical Failures  


Maximized Run-time and Overall Productivity  


Customer Satisfaction to Build Long-lasting Relationships 


Reliable & Sustainable Solutions


 Airbender Advanced Airflow Solutions specializes in airflow issue mitigation and commercial kitchen ventilation system repair services. We have the capability to promptly handle most equipment failures.