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What Is Makeup Air?

Makeup air is typically outdoor air that is supplied into a kitchen hood or other occupied space to replace air that is removed by exhaust fans out of the kitchen hood or space. It also helps to maintain balanced airflow inside the building structure.

Restaurant hoods and other commercial kitchen ventilation systems require makeup air to replace or ‘makeup’ the air that is exhausted by powerful exhaust fans.

In order to accommodate this need, these large hoods require dedicated makeup air to supply a sufficient amount of fresh outdoor air. Serious issues related to negative pressure can occur if a prolonged imbalance between the exhaust to supply air ratio exists.


Who Needs Makeup Air Fan Repair Service?

Makeup air is commonly required to satisfy code requirements for restaurant kitchen hoods that exhaust larger volumes of air, and municipalities are increasingly requiring it for new residential construction.


Common Symptoms of Makeup Air Unit Problems:

It’s time to give us a call, if you experience any of the following:

  • Increase Energy Costs Due to Reduced Heating and Cooling Efficiency

  • Decreased Hood Performance Due to Low Supply Air Volume

  • Excessive Supply Air Velocity Causing Poor Hood Capture and Containment

  • Entrance Doors Are Difficult to Open Due to Negative Pressure

  • Water Heater Pilot Cannot Stay Lit Due to Negative Pressure

  • Appliance Pilots Cannot Stay Lit Due to Negative Pressure

  • Air Blowing on Burner Flames That Impacts Cooking Temperatures

If your kitchen hood system has any of these symptoms, then call Airbender Advanced Airflow Solutions now to schedule a service appointment. Get a diagnosis and an effective solution to restore your system to good operating condition, or a plan for replacement if necessary.

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