Kitchen Hood

Who Uses Commercial Kitchen Hoods?

If you operate a restaurant or any other type of food service facility that requires exhaust hood systems to capture grease, heat, fumes or condensation, then it is imperative that you contact an experienced, trusted, and customer-focused kitchen hood system and fans repair service provider in the region to maintain your equipment. Clients utilizing kitchen hood systems that typically require Airbender’s expertise include the following business types:

  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Paint Shops
  • Laboratories
  • Dormitories… and many more!
Commercial Kitchen Hood
Commercial Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Fan Repair Service - Airbender

Restaurant Hood Repair Service

Activity inside the commercial kitchens of restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and other commercial properties can be demanding and fast-paced. It is critical that the hood control panel (system brain) and airflow volume are dialed-in and routinely maintained, so the following are achievable:

  1. Continuous Operation at Peak Performance Levels
  2. Higher Potential for Extended Useful Life of Equipment
  3. Less Worry & Stress.Your Time Is Spent Preparing Great Meals for Customers

Our dedicated team of professional, certified technicians work diligently to always provide top-tier customer service and support. We are experienced with custom-built systems and products made by several manufacturers including but not limited to: Greenheck, Accurex, Captiveaire, Larkin and Loren Cook.

We thoroughly understand the critical needs of commercial and restaurant kitchens, so our goal is to keep your stove burners hot as your kitchen and staff stay cool while making delicious food for your customers.

Airbender Advanced Airflow Solutions provides local food service businesses with dependable, expert restaurant hood and fan repair throughout Chicagoland.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Performance

Testing the current hood airflow conditions is a major key to tracking and fixing system deficiencies.

A commercial kitchen ventilation system is designed by engineers to operate at a defined mechanical level to produce a certain amount of air in order to satisfy the supply and exhaust requirements of the cooking application. These calculated values are referred to as the engineer’s design specifications.

The amount of airflow supplied to and exhausted by the hood system can be accurately measured with calibrated airflow measurement devices. Theoretically, proper capture and containment of heat, smoke, grease, odors, and steam occurs, if the design specifications are met. In most areas testing and balancing is mandated and typically requires verification by an independent agency.

Airbender has the correct tools and certification required to test hood airflow, exhaust and makeup fans in your kitchen ventilation systems. Our technicians can measure and adjust airflow, test fans mechanical operation, and verify that controls are functioning properly. Adjustments are then made as needed to get the system within an acceptable airflow design range, which exhausts smoke and contaminants most effectively.

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Commercial Kitchen Hood & Exhaust Fan Repair Service - Airbender

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